The Dyslexic Hearts Club

Hanneke Hendrix, who grew up in Grubbenvorst, has presented her road novel “The dyslexic-hearts club”last Friday  in the Winter Garden in Nijmegen.

Hanneke Hendrix (the Netherlands) is a young writer who writes for journals, literary production companies, festivals, theatre groups, radio drama and podcasts. Her first novel was shortlisted for several awards. The road novel The Dyslexic Hearts Club, her second book, was nominated for the BNG Literary Award 2014.

‘The dyslexic-hearts club’ is Hendrix ‘second novel and is about three women with severe burns share a hospital room under 24-hour police guard. As friendships form and their stories are revealed, they soon realize they have to run for their lives. A thrilling, comical and strangely comforting account of their adventures ensues. On the run from the police, hired killers and ghosts from the past, the unlikely trio face dangers they can only survive by sticking together. But will the truth be enough to save them?…

Mike Nicolaassen photographed the cover of the book “The dyslexic-hearts club”

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