Brand Director

As a child I was always busy making things, translating an idea or story that was in my head into reality.
Wherever I went with my parents, I always took a stack of paper and a load of markers, pens or pencils with me.
Then I just looked for a quite corner with that stuff and I could spend hours drawing the stories that where in my head. My own fantasy world drawn on a sheet of paper. This didn’t only happened with pencils and paper, the video camera of my dad changed my lego town into a stop-motion video. A lot of clay could easily turned into a complete pirate island. And a sandbox to a motocross track for my play-mobile.

My father showed me how to photograph at a very young age. Things I saw around me the way I looked at them could be captured in a frame from then on.
The moment you saw my own way of looking at things back when I developed the films a day later was pure magic.
I had caught a real experience and made a tangible for ever.

That same little guy some that love to create something real out of an idea or fantasy world in his head is still present every single day. For me there is nothing more beautiful or satisfying than look at an company, band of just a single person and translate there feelings, identity and character into something tagible, something visible, something real.

And just as when I was just a little kid, the tool to make this happen doesn’t really matter to me. Typography, words, music, video, photography, graphic design all parts are equally important and should form a whole, as long as it truly reflects who someone or some group of people is.