Stereopsis by Pauline van Dongen

Pauline has always been fascinated by the relation between people and their surroundings, but this time she researched our perception of space itself.

How do we see space, how does light influence our perception of depth and perspective and how can we manipulate what we see? Something that seems flat at first sight can suddenly appear to be three dimensional. This is the starting point of her womenswear collection Stereopsis, in which she explored this phenomenon.

For ‘Stereopsis’ Pauline looked at the way light creates our dimensions of space and thereby influences our vision on surroundings. She used the ability of reflection and refraction of light and created shapes and constructions that would absorb light; like a cone or hollow form. By laser cutting leather and silk she created three dimensional structures that play with light and interact with the viewer when moving. As she continues to explore the use of unconventional materials and new ways of construction she wants to create “a proposal for the future”.