Kinetic Landscapes by Pauline van Dongen

For “Kinetic Landscapes” Pauline was inspired by the abstraction that she discovered in nature’s eroded appearance; her goal was to capture the strength of two powerful elements – air and water – and their impact on our surroundings.

She was struck by the seemingly unremarkable changes in nature which only become visible after many centuries, perhaps millennia, and wanted her garments to recreate the lines and undulations that mark the deterioration of the earth’s surface. These unusual shapes and structures have been translated into a collection that combines a fluid form language with abstract constructed shapes. Offering an aesthetic of graphic lines and smooth curves with striking materials around the body.

Designer: Pauline van Dongen
Photographer: Mike Nicolaassen
Model: Macha at Fresh Model Management
Hair styling: Tommy Hagen at House of Orange
Make-up: Vera Dierckx at House of Orange
Styling: April Jumelet

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