Mike Nicolaassen – Art director / photographer


Mike developed an interest in music photography during his studies to become a photographer. In the year 2000 his interest in music and photography combined perfectly and these interests soon became a passion.

The first years were dominated by a lot of live photography; getting to know bands and hitting the road with them both nationally and internationally. It didn’t matter which band it was or where they played, Mike wanted to get them in front of my camera, and often got involved with them on a personal level.

Working for various magazines he photographed bands like Black Sabbath, Green day, The Offspring, Rammstein, The White Stripes, R.e.m., Motörhead and many more.

In recent years, Mike has increasingly been approached by bands, magazines and companies (like Jack Daniels and Converse) to be an active part of the music scene on their behalf.

After working in the music industrie for almost 15 years his focus moved around 2016 to brands in general. Mike now works as a freelance Art Director / photographer for several brands in the fashion and retail industrie and on his own projects like the 2018 ‘Minimalistic City‘.

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